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MSConsole Project

My History

In May 2013 i wanted to play retro games like Super Mario, Bomberman, and all mame games. I searched the internet to buy one console to play retro games but none did what i wanted, so i decided to make my own retro console with an old computer hardware. I started to collect roms and emulators and then i needed a software for menu navigation to play the retro games without keyboard and mouse and i found one. Then i decided to build a custom case to show up more like a console instead to have it on a computer case.

The Hardware

I like retro games and always i wanted to make my own console, so in 2013 i started to make a custom case to show up more like a console, i started with an old pc with onboard graphics adapter and all works great.My first case was an xbox 360 case and then i made a wooden case. I spend many hours on my garage until to finish my project but quickly understand that i need to do more tha that, i wanted to play GTAV, Street Fighter X Tekken, play Movies, all the retro games, and to serf on the internet. To do all this things i needed a more powerfull pc with more cpu power and a good graphics adapter. I started then to make a new case with aluminium, to make it small like an xbox 360 and i made a custom PSU because i wanted more power for the new Graphics adapter. I spend many hours and i build it with the little tools tha i have in my garage. My specs is not very good now because i dont have money to upgrade my hardware, i have an q6600 cpu with 4gb ram and a gtx650 but the case have the prospects to use any hardware.

The Software

For about 2 years i use a free software for menu to start/stop games and play movies, after 2 years i made my own software that is cloud based, with cloud based i can have more tha one consoles with the same menu and games, and off course different accounts to save favorites. With the cloud based software when i change something to the menu like images or menu design, all consoles get the changes immediately, also i can change images, titles, add more emulators, add pc games like steam games, add roms and other applications only one time on cloud.


My next project will be the MSP, MSPortable console with monitor and will have the same cloud software with dvd rom to play movies.

Retro - PC Games - Movies - Internet

Next project MSP (Portable)

Tools that i use Often...

  • Linux
  • Joomla 3.X
  • JQuery
  • HTML5
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Autohotkey
  • Windows
  • C Programming
  • Tools
  • Photoshop
  • CSS3

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